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As a coach, you work hard each day to teach your players how to love and improve in a sport. As you do this, you also need to work hard in keeping your players’ smiles healthy and strong. Unfortunately, many oral injuries occur on the court, field, and track. So, it’s best to help your players avoid these injuries as much as possible. Our dentist, Dr. Jing Yang, has some tips to help you do so.

The first tip is to make sure each player wears a mouthguard during practice and games. This is especially important if the sport is high in contact, like football, basketball, soccer, etc. Mouthguards are strong appliances that fit over the players’ arch of teeth and protect the chompers and tissues when hard objects hit the mouth. This can prevent oral injury, like knocked-out, broken, and chipped teeth.

The second tip is to have your players insert their dentists’ contact information in their cell phone. That way if a dental emergency does happen, they (or a teammate or coach) could call the dental office, explain the situation, and schedule an emergency appointment. This can help increase the chances of restoration success.

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