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If you hate the idea of getting root canal therapy, there are several things you may want to know. In fact, most patients who have had treatments argue that getting root canal therapy and having a cavity filled are quite comparable. In reality, root canal therapy could be a treatment you need if you’d like to save a tooth.

Luckily, there are a few common symptoms that could mean you should consider root canal therapy. For instance, if your tooth hurts when you bite down, or if your gums are swollen, red, or tender, you could need root canal therapy. Furthermore, if you’ve had a cavity for some time, decay could have spread to the center of your teeth. If this happens, you may need root canal therapy to avoid the issue.

You could also need root canal therapy if you have a tooth infection. Again, a common sign of this issue is a pain in your tooth, but an infection could actually kill your root—which will stop your pain. Still, even though pain is a symptom, not every patient experiences it. Luckily, with root canal therapy, we may be able to protect your tooth.

It’s also important that you visit our dentist for a checkup if you’ve experienced some kind of trauma. Often, you’ll need root canal therapy to address trauma. You should be especially cautious if your tooth changes color.

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