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Regardless of your age, a straight and even smile can be a significant confidence booster. With clear aligners at Brighter Smiles Family Dental in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, you have the option to straighten your teeth without uncomfortable metal brackets and wires. Call the office to arrange your consultation with Elaine Hoppes-Goroshko, DDS, and her team, or use the online booking tool now.

Clear Aligners Q & A

What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are transparent flexible plastic trays that conform to your teeth because they're fabricated just for you. The aligners apply steady low-grade force to move your teeth over time. Clear aligners treat malocclusion, also known as teeth misalignment, and are a subtle alternative to braces. 

What types of misalignment can clear aligners treat?

Clear aligners treat the same problems as metal braces, including:

  • Overbite: top teeth overlap bottom ones
  • Underbite: bottom teeth overlap top ones
  • Open bite: upper and lower teeth don’t touch with your mouth closed
  • Cross bite: teeth don't fit together with your mouth closed
  • Spacing: gaps between teeth

Generally, clear aligners can correct mild, moderate, and even some severe alignment issues. Your Brighter Smiles Family Dental provider can help you decide if clear aligners are right for you. 

How long do I wear the clear aligners daily?

For ideal results, wear the aligners as recommended by the Brighter Smiles Family Dental Team. Generally, they advise wearing the aligners for around 22 hours a day, removing them only for eating and your oral hygiene practices. 

How do I clean my clear aligners?

Clear aligners are typically very easy to clean. You can buy specialized cleaning crystals if desired, but in many cases, merely brushing the aligners with a non-abrasive toothpaste and soft-bristle toothbrush and then rinsing them with cold water is sufficient. Always clean your aligners before replacing them in your mouth after brushing your teeth to avoid bacteria transfer.

Never soak or rinse your aligners in mouthwash, as the plastic can absorb both the scent and the color of the antiseptic solution.

How long does a teeth straightening treatment last?

The total treatment time can vary by individual, with most patients wearing clear aligners for around 12-18 months. But, you might need an extended treatment if you have a severe misalignment. During your treatment period, you'll swap your trays out every one to three weeks, depending on your specific treatment schedule. 

The Brighter Smiles Family Dental team is ready to customize a clear aligner plan for you. Arrange your consultation through the online scheduler anytime, or call the office to book an appointment today.