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Cosmetic Dentistry Specialist

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Cosmetic dentistry treatments at Brighter Smiles Family Dental in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, can help you get your best and brightest smile. With professional teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and dental bonding, you can revitalize your smile in only a few easy visits. Call the office for a consultation with Elaine Hoppes-Goroshko, DDS, and her skilled team today. You can also conveniently book online.

Cosmetic Dentistry Q & A

What does cosmetic dentistry include?

Cosmetic dentistry includes any dental treatment that improves the appearance of your smile. The main cosmetic dentistry procedures at Brighter Smiles Family Dental are:


Veneers are super-thin porcelain or resin panels that cover the front of your teeth, usually the ones most prominent when you smile. Veneers can cover severe stains, chips or minor cracks, malformed teeth, and teeth gaps to give you a perfect-looking smile. In some cases, veneers can even make your teeth look straighter, but they don't shift your teeth as clear aligners do.

Dental bonding

In dental bonding procedures, your Brighter Smiles Family Dental provider applies a composite resin material and then sculpts it to look like a natural part of your tooth. Dental bonding can be an affordable way to improve a tooth’s shape, size, and general appearance. As with veneers, dental bonding material can close gaps and restore chips or minor cracks. 

Teeth whitening

Professional teeth whitening removes tooth enamel stains with prescription-strength whitening gel. Teeth whitening is effective for coffee, tea, red wine, nicotine, and most other types of extrinsic (outer enamel) stains. Brighter Smiles Family Dental offers several teeth whitening options, and the dedicated team discusses your goals to help you choose the right one for you.

Cosmetic dentistry can also include other treatments such as crowns, dental implants, and dentures, depending on your needs.

How can cosmetic dentistry help me?

Cosmetic dentistry can help you look great, but it's often much more than just an appearance boost. When you restore or replace damaged or vulnerable teeth, it maintains tooth spacing, improves chewing ability, and helps prevent tooth decay. 

How can I maintain my appearance after cosmetic dentistry?

The Brighter Smiles Family Dental team gives you specific guidelines after your cosmetic dentistry treatments. Usually, this includes avoiding the substances that can stain your teeth. Although porcelain veneers are stain-resistant, dental bonding material and your natural tooth enamel are still vulnerable to stains. 

Keep up with your normal brushing and flossing habits and schedule general dentistry exams and cleanings every six months, or as recommended. 

If you want to learn more about how cosmetic dentistry can help you get a brand-new smile, call Brighter Smiles Family Dental or click the online scheduler now.