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General Dentistry Specialist

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General dentistry is the broadest category of dentistry because it covers everything from check-ups and restorations to cosmetic dentistry treatments and family dentistry services tailored to the patient’s age. At Brighter Smiles Family Dental in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, you can get all the general dentistry care you need in one convenient location. To schedule an appointment with Elaine Hoppes-Goroshko, DDS, and the skilled team, call the office or book online today.

General Dentistry Q & A

When should I schedule check-ups and dental cleanings?

The American Dental Association recommends regular check-ups and dental cleanings according to your dental care provider’s personalized guidelines. In general, most children and adults need check-ups and dental cleanings every six months. Your Brighter Smiles Family Dental care providers tell you the best schedule for maintaining optimal dental health.

What do dental exams include?

Your dental exams at Brighter Smiles Family Dental include a careful evaluation of your teeth, gums, and jaw. Your provider screens your mouth thoroughly to look for early warning signs of oral cancer, as well. 

X-rays are integral to all dental exams because they uncover hidden problems or confirm more sinister dental issues. X-rays can find, or help diagnose, issues such as:

  • Bone loss
  • Tumors
  • Fractures inside your tooth
  • Infection within teeth or nerves
  • Cysts
  • Abscesses

During your dental check-up, your Brighter Smiles Family Dental provider also examines your restorations, such as crowns, to make sure they’re in good condition. At the end of your exam, you’ll typically have a cleaning.

What kind of tooth restorations are available?

Brighter Smiles Family Dental offers a variety of tooth restoration options, including:


Fillings can restore your teeth when you have a cavity, offer additional strength, and prevent further decay.


Bonding can repair cracks, chips, or other minor damage. The composite bonding material matches your teeth’s natural color, so it’s also used in cosmetic dentistry procedures like filling in tooth gaps and perfecting tooth shape.


Crowns fit over a worn, broken, or unstable tooth. They’re durable restorations that match the appearance of your natural tooth. 

If you have tooth decay or damage, restoring the tooth is always a better option than removing it. After tooth extraction, you could have alignment issues, bone loss, and chewing problems. So, if you need removal, your Brighter Smiles Family Dental provider can recommend a tooth replacement option like a dental implant, bridge, or dentures. 

You can trust the Brighter Smiles Family Dental team for the most caring general dentistry in Lebanon. Click the online appointment maker at any time, or call the office to schedule your visit now.