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Do you experience any pain within your mouth related to your teeth? If so, you may be suffering from a toothache. A toothache is a disorder that is caused by damage to your nerve endings within a tooth. The nerve endings lie within the pulp of a tooth, and if they are damaged it means the tooth has either suffered from blunt trauma or is being attacked by bacteria from an unseen hole in the tooth enamel. Here are some tips for treating toothaches:

– If you continue to show signs of pain after a full 24 hours following an extraction, a toothache may be to blame, even though the tooth has been pulled.

– Prominent swelling and fevers can be associated with toothaches.

– TMJ disorders can promote toothaches.

– Facial rashes, high fevers, and chills that are atypical and unexplained can be the result of a toothache.

– Pulp failure can be caused by a multitude of sources, including oral accidents, injuries, tooth decay, dental erosion, cavities, among others.

– If pain perseveres after using pain medications, you may have a toothache.

– If you have lost a tooth due to blunt trauma, infections and toothaches are likely to occur.

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